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Looking for a fantastic quality electric bike? Look no further. We are the Electric bike shop, and we stock a range of electric bikes from leading electric bike company A2B.

In 2008, A2B changed the electric bike market forever after introducing the very first purpose built electric bike to the public. Ever Since, A2B’s passion driven team have been delivering high performance, stylish electric bikes to e bike enthusiasts and cyclists around the world.
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A2B Speed Electric Bike
The speed boasts a super stylish frame, with a chunky, geometric design and smartly camouflaged cables. It’s frame design isn’t the only thing that sets the speed apart from the crowd: puncture resistant tyres, both front and rear wheel suspension and Tektro Dorado hydraulic disc brakes make the speed a true all round performer.
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A2B Kroemer Electric Bike
This hybrid electric bike is built to tackle tough terrain in style. With a wide range of gears, the Kroemer puts the control in your hands, whether you’re cruising through the countryside, or just heading to the shops.

The Kroemer’s frame is agile, but tough, its 27.5 inch wheels will help you to navigate through woodland and rocky trails, and it’s slim, sleek design will look ultra suave as you glide through more metropolitan areas.
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A2B Ride plus electric bike
If you’re new to electric bikes, the ride plus makes an excellent choice for any e-bike beginner. The ride plus is easy to operate, lightweight and offers a smooth riding experience.

The step through frame on the ride plus makes getting on and off the bike extra easy (ideal for city travel), while the 250w hub motor will propel you up any challenging hills you may encounter.
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a2b Kuo Boost electric bike
Meet the Kuo Boost: the lightest model in the A2B range. This electric bike has both throttle and pedal assist options so you can choose the version which best suits you, and your journey.

The Kuo boost may be small, and even able to fold into half its full size, but it certainly doesn’t compromise when it comes to power; the Kuo boost has a 350w DC brushless hub motor, allowing the bike to glide along flat ground, and propel up hills.
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a2b kuo+ electric bike
The Kuo+ is designed for a cleaner, more streamlined look, with bound and carefully camouflaged cables, and attractive brakes and seat. Perfectly portable, the Kuo + is lightweight, small and stylish enough to accompany you anywhere. The cleverly portable Kuo + boasts improved brakes and stylish design.

The lightest model in the A2B range, the Kuo+ is designed for a cleaner, more streamlined look, with bound and carefully camouflaged cables, and attractive brakes and seat. Perfectly portable, the Kuo + is lightweight, small and stylish enough to accompany you anywhere.
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A2B Obree electric bike
The Obree’s lower centre of gravity offers a more stable and comfortable ride and gives it a stronger, fashion-orientated look. The model’s revolutionary German propulsion system and pedal assist ensure that it is always a pleasure to ride with confidence and ease.

Developed to meet the needs of the urban market, the German-designed and built Obree’s smaller wheels and lower seat and frame give it a broad appeal. The model’s specially designed smaller battery and clean, neat design ensures it looks as good as it rides.
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A2B Octave Electric Bike
The Octave’s smooth, clean lines turn heads, while its revolutionary performance continues to impress. Proud of its history and revolutionary design, this model ensures you will stand out from the crowd with a bike that is anything but typical.

The Octave (formerly known as the Metro) made history as the first model ever to be purpose designed and built as an electric bike – rather than a bike with added electrics or motor. The Octave’s smooth, clean lines and deliberately robust, industrial design make sure you stand out in a crowd. While minimal external components ensure that the model’s frame does the talking.
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a2b ferber electric bike
Designed with a more traditional sensibility, the Ferber combines faster, more responsive manoeuvrability with wider, 26” wheels for a more upright and comfortable ride. This thoughtfully-designed model offers all the advantages of a conventional bike, with the reassurance of power when you need it.

With its convenient luggage rack and relaxed upright sitting position, the Ferber was designed with a deliberately traditional feel. Taking its cues from conventional bikes, this reassuringly responsive model allows you to relax and enjoy your surroundings with comfort and ease – but considerably less effort.
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Orsted electric bike
Named after Hans Christian Ørsted, discoverer of the phenomenon of electromagnetism. Tailored to deliver pedal assist, the design of the Ørsted deliberately has a more ‘bike’ feel. The model’s traditional look belies its impressive, state-of-the-art technology. Rigorously tested, the reliable Ørsted ensures that you consistently get the best out of all your rides.

Designed to withstand pretty much anything you throw at it, the tough, German-designed and built Ørsted will keep going strong, even after years of heavy use. Reassuringly sturdy and easy to manoeuvre, this powerful, unisex model takes design ethos of the Octave, and uses pedal assist rather than throttle.
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a2b Hybrid/24 electric bike
This fantastic, hardly used ex demo model is ideal for anyone looking to make a huge saving on a top of the range hybrid electric bike. The Hybrid/24 uses CAN bus technology and includes a wireless security key and anti theft system.

As well as offering peace of mind for the rider, the Hybrid/24's upright seating position combined with it's 24 inch wheels makes it a smooth and agile ride for on and off road use.
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